Get real answers about the
health of your lead funnel.

In minutes. Not weeks!

Real-time access to all your funnel and pipeline data.

At your finger tips. Within minutes!

Seamlessly integrate your data,
into a single intuitive platform.

Make faster, better-informed
decisions that grow pipeline.


Why PipeRocket?

Our cloud funnel management solution leverages machine learning to process ALL your inbound lead data, analyzes it in real-time and delivers actionable results. PipeRocket means explosive pipeline growth from improved “lead-to-deal” conversions with less work.

Better Lead Conversion = More Deals, It’s that simple.

Build your dream funnel dashboard and see the information you care about.

To be successful, you need the right information at the right time and with no delays. Unfortunately, this information is fragmented and resides in heavy spreadsheets, systems, databases and applications.

PipeRocket solves this problem by collecting your funnel and lead flow data together in one intuitive platform. With PipeRocket, it’s easy to get the truth about the health of your lead funnel and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions.

teamGet everyone on the same page.

PipeRocket is an organization-wide platform that “creates” conversations within your team and moves the focus away from egos and onto making sound business decisions that deliver real business results. And it will transform the way you and your entire organization look at and manage “funnel-to-revenue” marketing investments.

excelMake Excel work for you…

You use Excel everyday for number crunching and data analysis. With PipeRocket, you can pull Excel spreadsheets—along with any other source of data you care about—into a single, intuitive platform for business users. This enables you to see your spreadsheets in context and leverage Excel data in ways never before possible.

What is Your Role?


You’re tasked with leading and growing a business, but the information you need isn’t at your fingertips. Why? Because it’s spread across your entire organization—in spreadsheets, databases, applications and conversations between marketing and sales that should be happening, aren’t.

With PipeRocket, you get:

See your entire organization’s performance

Increase transparency

Understand funnel from any device

Make better decisions, faster


Your job is to close deals but you lack the critical information to beat your quotas. Why? Because lead funnel reporting from marketing is clunky, never tells you what is deliver deals to pipeline and takes too long to understand.

With PipeRocket, you get:

See all performance metrics in one view

React faster to sales opportunities

Understand customer purchasing patterns

Get real time sales insights wherever you go


You fuel demand – but you can’t make decisions without real-time, centralized data. Why? Because your campaigns have thousands of moving parts. Without a holistic view of CRM, email, analytics, search and social, you’ll always be one step behind.

With PipeRocket, you get:

See all your lead & funnel data in real-time

Get a single view of all your key metrics

Adapt with greater efficiency

Track & prove your successes to revenue


Your analytical skillset makes you an asset to your organization, but all too often you’re not doing what you’re paid to do. Why? Because you’re spending time collecting, calculating and normalizing data, instead of discovering new ways to measure performance and provide insights that lead to better business decisions.

With PipeRocket, you get:

Automate data aggregation and calculations

Easily integrate new data sources

Spend more time producing insights

Arm decision-makers with timely information