Machine Analytics

Enables Easy, Advanced Funnel Reporting

PipeRocket utilizes machine analytics to analyze data trends and expose hidden business problems;
allowing for corrective and proactive actions to be implemented.

Machine Analytics

When viewing massive volumes of data, most marketing teams don’t know what answers to get from data and the associated metrics needed to be tracked. Many organizations don’t even understand there are two types of machine analytics, and that distinguishing between the two is essential for successful troubleshooting and monitoring of your funnel.

radarWithout PipeRocket

Knowing what  answers you want from your data can be a challenge. In addition, knowing what metrics to track is another hurdle to overcome. There is a huge pool of data points to pull from and sometimes there are hidden data trends you are missing. And worse, these hidden trends could mean you’re losing pipeline deals.

The solution to this issue involves functions like complex time series search, smart alerting, reporting and dashboard visualization. All of which is delivered with PipeRocket.

woprWith PipeRocket

With PipeRocket, you gain immediate insights, even when you don’t know what questions to ask!

Fundamentally people can’t glean insights from any data source when they don’t know where to look or what to look for. The difficult “unknown unknowns” problem is where PipeRocket’s machine learning and analytics delivers real value. Only modern machine data science, with automated, algorithm-driven predictive analytics, can reach beyond human limitations to extract insights from your data.

PipeRocket’s unique data tracking and machine analytics provides immediate insight into hidden problems within your lead funnel.

Anomaly Detection

PipeRocket Anomaly Detection leverages machine learning to enable enterprises to extend beyond the human limitation of pre-defined rules and reports. Built on top of our data pattern-recognition capabilities of PipeRocket, Anomaly Detection automatically detects anomalies in data streams of machine data and then assembles these anomalies into events and alerts. By identifying and investigating these unknown events, users of PipeRocket can generate previously HIDDEN insights across their entire lead funnel and lifecycle.

Better Lead Conversion = More Deals, It’s that simple.