Maximize Your Funnel Output and Grow Pipeline!

After 5 years, 100’s of projects later and working with start-ups to Fortune 1000 clients,
we understand how vital an optimized lead funnel is to Pipeline and Sales Success!





About Us

PipeRocket’s roots are in b2b direct sales, marketing operations and lead generation. As marketing managers, sales leaders and trainers, the co-founders experienced an increasing amount of pain with CRM software. There simply was no good solution for managing the company’s lead funnel and growing the sales pipeline.

So in 2014 they teamed up with talented developers to create PipeRocket, a simple and yet powerful tool for managing the lead funnel and growing the sales pipeline.

Automate routine tasks and models that deliver the data needed to make meaningful decisions to drive more business.

Our Purpose

Our idea eventually became the PipeRocket model which solves a big problem for all b2b marketing and sales teams: best practices and metrics previously understood to relatively few, would be transparent and available to everyone.

Our purpose is to enable sales pipeline potential by accelerating the adoption of funnel analysis technologies on a global scale, and in turn opening the door to efficiency gains in conversion, incremental growth in sales and provide transparency of pipeline health to all teams.

Core Objectives:

  • Provide an analytic tool that audits the health of exiting funnel activity – no debates, just hard data

  • Enable sales and marketing to collaborate on data and business process, not battle over egos

  • No waiting around for marketing and sales to agree on what data to track and how to use it

  • No need to hire full time lead generation employee

  • Up levels knowledge and experience of junior marketing team

  • Provides true picture of lead flow, conversion and problem areas

  • Identify what marketing programs are really working and driving good deals to pipeline

nuc1Science of the Funnel

At PipeRocket, we believe there’s a ton of science behind optimization of the lead funnel, with clear, repeatable processes that can systematically drive growth in the sales pipeline. All our solutions are built with funnel conversion in mind combined with machine learning to automate routine tasks where possible.

nuc2Customer Innovation

Driven by data and funnel conversion insights, PipeRocket is bringing ideas and technology solutions that are fundamentally changing the way funnel management is viewed. Our products drive rapid response, discipline follow up and boost rep productivity; which means more deals in the pipeline.

nuc3Simple and Intuitive

PipeRocket is simplifying the management of lead life-cycle and funnel optimization for today’s sales and marketing teams. With a dedicated user experience team, we are building intuitive products based on a deep understanding of funnel process and conversion with a relentless drive to refine and simplify our products.